Opinion: A new bridge means cleaner air, fewer bottlenecks, money saved

Brent Spence Bridge with Cincinnati in the background

The new companion bridge for the Brent Spence marks a new age for our region’s history. Twenty-plus years of debates, disputes and discussions will give way to a collective sigh of gratitude. This new age will bring cleaner air, improved traffic safety and monetary savings for our region’s 850,000 households.

Construction, Design Proposals Sought for BSB Corridor Project

Brent Spence Bridge with Cincinnati in the background

Kentucky and Ohio issued a call last week for construction and design proposals to fast-track the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor project. The project will separate Interstate 75 traffic from local traffic and improve freight movements through the critical Kentucky-Ohio transportation corridor.

OKI Seeking Public Input on Update to Strategic Regional Policy Plan

“Public input will help determine the priorities for the OKI region as we continue to look toward our future,” said Travis Miller, OKI’s regional planning manager. “Understanding the values of everyone, in all communities, is critical to this process – and we encourage everyone to take this brief survey …”

OKI Aids Clean Air, RideShare, Bike & Pedestrian Trails

three bicyclists on trail

Viable bicycle and pedestrian trails, RideShare programs and clean air initiatives are critical to the health and welfare of a region. OKI continues to fund these important amenities because we know our region’s 2 million residents value them as much as OKI does.