While OKI has no authority – and seeks no authority – over local land uses, OKI’s Board created, and sat as, a land use commission to study the complex connection between transportation and how we use land for homes, businesses, parks, and factories. The primary goal of the OKI Land Use Commission is to bring about more consistency between local land use planning and regional transportation planning, so that scarce taxpayer dollars can be used for maximum benefit.
A Steering Committee of the Land Use Commission has convened since the 2005 adoption of the Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP). The Steering Committee works to advance activities related to the implementation and maintenance of the SRPP. The Steering Committee includes representation from each county of the OKI region as well as individuals with expertise in all six topical areas of the SRPP.

OKI Land Use Commission Steering Committee Members:

Member Position
Ken Reed Chair
Shannon Hartkemeyer Vice Chair
Kevin Costello Boone County
Larry Maxey Private Sector/Business / Kenton County
Pete Metz Transportation
Pamela Mullins Community Engagement / Kenton County
David Okum Hamilton County
Jack Sutton Natural Systems / Dearborn County
Bruce Whitteberry Public Facilities
Stan Williams Warren County