Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The preparation of the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a requirement in order to qualify the region for continuing eligibility for federal highway and transit funding assistance. The TIP is a program of publicly funded transportation improvements for the OKI region. Although OKI produces the TIP on a biennial basis, each edition covers a period of four years. Along with an overview of the transportation planning process through which the projects are generated, the TIP provides a listing, by county, of all federally-assisted highway and transit improvements that are contemplated by municipal, county, or state governments or transit authorities.

Fiscal Year 2018-2021 TIP

This federally required document provides information on all transportation projects planned in the OKI Region using federal funds between fiscal years 2018 and 2021. Included in the TIP are detailed descriptions of highway, transit and planning projects that have federal, state and/or local funding committed to the projects in the Ohio counties of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren; Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton and Dearborn County, Indiana. In addition, the TIP demonstrates air quality conformity and fiscal constraint.

Any comments or questions may be directed to Regina Fields at or 513-619-7664.

FY2018-2021 TIP

Air Quality Conformity Technical Document TIP and MTP

Amendment #6 to the OKI FY 2018-2021 TIP will be presented to the OKI Board of Directors on Thursday, January 11, 2018. Amendment #6 includes six highway projects and one transit project in Ohio and, seven highway projects in Indiana. A federal funding analysis has been completed for the highway projects. The public comment period begins today, December 20, 2017 and runs through Wednesday, January 10, 2018 and conforms to the requirements of OKI’s public participation plan. This notice of public participation activities and time established for public review of and comments on the TIP shall satisfy the program of projects requirements for the Butler County Regional Transit Authority, Clermont Transportation Connection, City of Middletown Transit System, Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky and Warren County Transit System for all projects funded through the Federal Transit Administration. Any written comments may be sent to Regina Fields at

Resolution 2018-03 Amendment 6 of the FY 2018-2021 TIP

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