Transportation Planning

Our transportation system, with its vast network of roads, bus routes, rail lines, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes, is the backbone of our region. Coordinated planning of that system is critical to the continued growth of our local and regional economies. Planning also is important to ensure that as the system grows to manage the traffic congestion that we know is coming as a result of our economic growth and development, and that it grows in a way that is sensitive to our region’s valuable natural and community resources.

Serving as a regional partnership among the United States Department of Transportation, Ohio Department of Transportation, transit agencies, local elected leadership, local planning and public works directors, the business community, and citizens across the eight county planning area, OKI leads in the development of the region’s long-range transportation plan and short-range Transportation Improvement Program and contributes to ongoing conversations about issues such as land use, economic development, the environment, safety and security, and health.

OKI has the authority to plan, prioritize, and select transportation projects for federal funding; and is responsible to for ensuring the region is in compliance with federal planning requirements and national ambient air quality standards.

Planning Documents