OKI Staff Recognition

//Partial List of OKI Staff Recognition during 2015
  • Harvard Kennedy School recognized RAVEN 911 as one of the Top 25 “Innovation in American Government”
  • Transportation Research Board (TRB) has recognized OKI’s Transportation Modeling Manager
    • Andrew Rohne is the webmaster for both TRB’s Transportation Planning Applications Committee and their annual conference
    • Appreciation certificates in Jan 2016 (among certificates for previous years)
    • Blue Ribbon Committee award in Jan 2016 due, in part, to availability of conference presentations and papers on website
  • TRB recognized OKI’s approach to integrate environmental consultation in transportation planning as a best practice example during September 2015 Mid-Year Workshop
  • FHWA and AASHTO recognized OKI for its practical approach to delivering environmental and transportation benefits together in projects by receiving a letter as a Leader of the Eco-Logical Program for Federal Highway projects
  • NARC invited OKI, due to our national reputation for excellence in water quality management, to lead a webinar to their members
  • Ohio Auditor recognized OKI’s excellence in financial reporting
  • NARC, FHWA, ODOT and KYTC recognized OKI’s outstanding 2015 Conference on Freight and its record-breaking attendance
  • FHWA recognized OKI’s Freight Program as a national leader and invited OKI to participate in the Freight Peer Exchange; one of two MPO’s chosen
  • US Forest Service selected OKI to lead the development a practical guide for integrating trees in successful stormwater management – this is the first instance of an MPO being awarded a task of this nature
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