OKI CEO Mark Policinski Celebrates 10-year Anniversary

//OKI CEO Mark Policinski Celebrates 10-year Anniversary

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Board of Directors today recognized OKI Chief Executive Officer Mark Policinski for his decade-long,  dedicated service to building regional cooperation and improving the area’s transportation network.

“Mark’s excellent work in forming important partnerships, creating collaboration and building consensus has been significant in helping this region prosper,” said OKI Board President and Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune. “He has been vital to enhancing the Tri-State’s transportation system and economic development opportunities.”

OKI’s board has authority over all of the Tri-State’s transportation projects that use federal money. Under Policinski’s direction OKI puts approximately $40 million annually into the region’s transportation network. About two-thirds of that $40 million goes directly into road and bridge construction. The remaining one-third is invested in specific freight, transit, bicycle and pedestrian projects. The OKI long-range transportation plan through 2040 contains $9 billion worth of prioritized multimodal projects that meet federal air quality and other standards and regulations.

OKI has been involved in a wide array of transportation projects with a focus on improving freight logistics during Policinski’s tenure. These include several ongoing and future Interstate 75 projects, Interstate 71/Martin Luther King Jr. interchange and Cincinnati’s Banks project. He has also been instrumental in the development of the Eastern Corridor projects in Hamilton and Clermont counties,
the South Hamilton Crossing in Butler County and the I-71 projects involving the Fields Ertel and Western Row interchanges in Warren County. Policinski also guided OKI’s involvement with Boone County’s AeroParkway project and several studies involving Dixie Fix, Interstate 471 and the Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties transportation studies. Policinski and OKI were also heavily involved in the funding and development of projects in Dearborn County including the Stateline Road/U.S Route 50 intersection and the State Street reconstruction.

Policinski also leads OKI’s efforts involving water and air quality, greenspace programs, and the promotion of practices to reduce stormwater runoff, restore streams, improve wetlands and conserve green infrastructure.

OKI is the federally mandated metropolitan planning organization for 196 political jurisdictions in eight counties in southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeast Indiana. The OKI board consists of a 118 members, 80 of whom are elected officials. OKI is a council of local governments, business organizations and community groups committed to developing collaborative strategies, plans and programs to improve the quality of life and the economic development potential of the Tri-State.

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