Get to know your community’s water resources

We all know water is essential to life. But, when washing the car or watering the garden, do you ever pause to think about where that water comes from? Do you consider the quality of the drinking water from your faucet? Our water resources are invaluable, and they shape our communities. In turn, our communities—from [...]

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5 Years of Freight

Five years ago this month, OKI unveiled the OKI Regional Freight Plan that set forth a blueprint for freight related recommendations to ensure the economic stability of the Tri-State region. The plan presented intermodal freight transportation solutions which are of vital importance to the future of the region’s road, rail, river and runway operations. The OKI [...]

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Is our region solar ready? Should we be?

I love the sun!  To me, there’s nothing much better than spending time outside on a sunny day – just soaking it in. Regardless of the season, sunny days just seem to be better days.  I’d never really thought about the direct benefits of the sun or given much consideration to solar as an energy [...]

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The New OKI Blog

Welcome to OKI’s Blog, we are glad you stopped by.  Many of you have some idea what a blog is but for those who don’t, here are a few definitions we found on the World Wide Web (and, everything you find on the web is true, right?!).  ‘A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, [...]

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