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Duke Class Benefit Fund

Funds from the settlement of a class action lawsuit (Williams, et al vs. Duke Energy International, et al) will be used to benefit residential (home owners, renters) and non-residential (commercial, industrial, business, government, nonprofit) class members, defined as "all ratepayers who received retail electric generation service from Duke Energy Corp. and/or Cinergy Corp. or their [...]

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OKI FY 2018-FY 2021

The OKI FY 2018-FY 2021 Transportation Improvement Program is available. This federally required document provides information on all transportation projects planned in the OKI Region using federal funds between fiscal years 2018 and 2021. Included in the TIP are detailed descriptions of highway, transit and planning projects that have federal, state and/or local funding committed [...]

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New Officers Approved to Lead OKI Board of Directors

Cincinnati, Ohio – The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Board of Directors today approved the appointment of new officers to lead the transportation planning organization for 2017. “The OKI board is financially sound and has built a reputation of trust and professionalism in serving the public,” said incoming OKI Board President, Butler County Ohio [...]

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OKI Section 5310 Program Application and Instructions

The entire application must be completed to be considered for an award, with each attachment clearly labeled. At the end of the application are appendices that will assist with certain sections. These appendices are not meant to be completed or submitted to OKI; the appendices are provided to assist with the preparation of the application. If application [...]

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OKI Awards More Than $77 Million for Transportation Projects

Cincinnati, Ohio – Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) Board President and Dearborn County Commissioner Kevin Lynch announced today the award of more than $77 million to be distributed to 42 transportation projects in the region. “Once again, through consensus, the board of OKI has delivered a $77 million infrastructure package that will enhance the [...]

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Butler County Engineer’s Office – SR 129/Liberty Way

Butler County Engineer's Office - SR 129/Liberty Way Federal Funds  $6,000,000 Local  $27,444,343 Total Estimate  $33,444,343 Revamp the existing SR 129/Liberty Way Interchange along I-75. Extends SR 129 to Cox Road and Liberty Way and reconfigures several of the ramps on I-75 and SR 129.

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OKI Establishment Survey

Transportation planning is central to the mission of OKI. One of the tools OKI uses is a travel demand model. As the owner and operator of the regional travel demand model, OKI continually updates and refines its functionality and performance. This model estimates and forecasts traffic flow based on current and forecasted data. This data [...]

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5 Years of Freight

Five years ago this month, OKI unveiled the OKI Regional Freight Plan that set forth a blueprint for freight related recommendations to ensure the economic stability of the Tri-State region. The plan presented intermodal freight transportation solutions which are of vital importance to the future of the region’s road, rail, river and runway operations. The OKI [...]

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RideShare Payback

RideShare’s total cash expenditure is $253,369. First, we have to understand that RideShare is a voluntary program. As such, we do not know how many people, who listen to a RideShare ad, call the RideShare number or hear about RideShare from a friend, actually form a carpool. Consequently, we need to make some assumption and [...]

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