Get to know your community’s water resources

//Get to know your community’s water resources

We all know water is essential to life. But, when washing the car or watering the garden, do you ever pause to think about where that water comes from? Do you consider the quality of the drinking water from your faucet?

Our water resources are invaluable, and they shape our communities. In turn, our communities—from population to daily activities—have a significant impact on those resources. Becoming familiar with the sources of the water on which we all depend helps us best protect our resources and ensure the sustainability of our water systems.

Why does OKI care about the water resources across our region? OKI was selected by our member governments and state leadership to create the region’s water quality management plan. Such a plan is required by the federal government to address potential sources of pollution. A resource for local jurisdictions, the plan is aimed at preserving the health and reliability of our water supply.

Take a look at the Water Quality Management Plan for Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren Counties in Ohio here.

Going a step further for the communities we serve, OKI has developed an interactive, web-based tool through which everyone can learn about their community’s water resources. Whether you are an interested resident, business owner or local official, our My Community’s Water tool is a user-friendly way to understand how water supports your community.

My Community’s Water presents a focused, comprehensive profile on water resources for each of the 122 cities, townships and villages in Ohio’s Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren counties. To learn all about the place in which you live or work, you have the option of selecting your jurisdiction from an alphabetized list or exploring the interactive regional map.

The tool is intended to be an asset to the public and local decision-makers. Each profile pulls together a wealth of data and communicates this information through a combination of color-coded maps, pie charts, tables and text. My Community’s Water highlights important content that may otherwise be overlooked, as well as fun facts that make our jurisdictions unique!

Once you’ve chosen your area of interest within the tool, you can click through a series of tabs at the bottom of your screen to learn about:

  • Streams and Other Surface Waters – stream miles, watershed size and location, as well as the jurisdiction’s effect on watersheds
  • Groundwater – aquifers and their significance
  • Water Quality – how the State of Ohio determines the quality of our lakes and streams
  • People and Water – population and household numbers, as well as the distribution of people among watersheds
  • Land and Water Interaction – soil makeup and tree canopy coverage
  • Stormwater – road miles and impervious surface coverage, as well as flooding risks

As you can see, My Community’s Water is a one-stop shop for getting to know your community’s water picture. While water resources span political boundaries, decisions affecting these resources are most often made at the local level. We hope you will find this research tool beneficial in making informed choices that will shape your community.

OKI applauds our water quality and GIS staff on their hard work in bringing this innovative resource to you!

Ready to dive in? Visit My Community’s Water here.

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